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  • Volusia County Educational Article of the Month - How To Repair Different Types Of Wildlife Damage And Entry Holes

How To Repair Different Types Of Wildlife Damage And Entry Holes

How To Repair Different Types Of Wildlife Damage And Entry Holes

We all want wild animals to thrive but not at the cost of them living in your Volusia County house. For this we take many steps and try not to kill them. These critters are a long term Florida nuisance and you will not be able to keep them away so easily just by using traps or repellants or methods of preventions, some permanent measures have to be taken for staying away from these un-wanted invaders. The only permanent solution after removing them from your yard is repairing the house so that you stop their entry.

If they are inside your Volusia County house then there has to be a way, a hole or a crack they have used to enter. While repairing the house specifically for the wild animals, the point has to be made clear that the damage is done by the animals only or else money waste, time waste and they still have an entry. Locate the damage first and check whether the Florida animal is still inside or not. If the animal is inside then you need to find out what animal it is, as all animals do come out sometime in search of food. You need to study about that particular critter’s habits. Here are some of the most common places these critters use to enter the house:

Hole in the wall
The exterior wall of the house is the most important portion of the structure. If you find a small hole, it could be sealed off maybe with some filling product like cement and you might have to use some bricks for a bigger one. Look for burrows near the wall and check inside the basement, there could be a hidden passage. Repairing a wall needs more precaution as the structure depends on it so it might be a good idea to get professional Florida assistance if the damage is more.

The roof
Another most vulnerable spot for the invaders to invade as usually roof goes neglected. But if you find trace of Volusia County animals in your attic, checking the roof thoroughly is required. For vents and chimney outlets it is better to cover them with mesh wire. One more thing needs to be checked while repairing the roof, is nearby trees. If you find any branches over the roof then it is advisable to cut those branches off. After performing all these repairs still it’s recommended to keep the Florida surroundings less useful for the rodents. Like garbage bins to be secured and no food items lying around.

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